Take advantage of the sun's full potential. Let it heat and ventilate your home

Solventilar is an innovative Swedish company that operates in the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol area, but will in time be available at all locations in Spain.

Our products are built according to Swedish standard and quality.
They will reduce your energy costs in an environmentally friendly way.

How does a sun-powered ventilation fan work?

The technology of our sun fan differs from other brands on the market since it circulates the indoors air instead of adding more air from outside.
If you do have a constant flow of outside air, a high pressure environment will be created, resulting in humidity that can enter walls, ceilings and other absorbing materials. The humidity will increase the risk of damage due to dampness and mold attacks.
You may also compromise your health by filling the indoor air with pollen, spores and dust due to these air flows from outside.

Pax Norte with solar energy

Now you can ventilate your home, without being dependent on any electricity company.

Our new system includes a Pax Norte fan, solar cell, regulator and battery.

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Caps with built-in fan

Now you can get your own cap with built-in fan powered by the sun.

Let a nice breeze cool your face on a hot day.  Read more here