Royal Sun Ventilator

Royal Sun ventilation fan is a high quality Swedish-made product that heats your home at no cost. The Royal Sun fan is a unique product since it heats, removes humidity and circulates the existing indoor air instead of adding more air from outside.
With fan systems that generate a flow of air from outside, a high pressure environment will be created, resulting in humidity that can enter walls, ceilings and other absorbing materials. The humidity will increase the risk of damage due to dampness and mold attacks. You may also compromise your health by filling the indoor air with pollen, spores and dust due to these air flows from outside.
Pests such as ants, cockroaches or mosquitos cannot enter your home via our fan since it is a closed system. There is no filter that needs to be changed or cleaned.
During periods when the property is uninhabited and the power is turned off, the Royal Sun fan keeps running. It continues to heat, dry and circulates the air, at no cost for the house owner!
The per square meter efficiency of the Royal Sun fan is more than twice that of other products on the market. The combination of materials and the unique technical solution used in our fan gives you heat absorption of more than 95% and a re-radiation (loss) below 10%, - both direct and indirect IR and UV radiation is absorbed.
The capacity of the Royal Sun fan is around 40 kbm/h (cubic meters per hour) and increases the outgoing air temperature by up to 60 degrees Celsius. Many products on the market indicate the fan capacity when the fan is not strained by air intake or blowout. This is misleading since the real efficiency of a fan with a capacity of 100 kbm/h is actually 15 kbm/h when in use. In comparison, the Royal Sun fan capacity is around 40 kbm/h when in use.
The Royal Sun fan package contains a heat absorbing unit with a high quality ball bearing fan (minimum 70 000 hours of use guaranteed) that circulates the air through an intake and a blowout hole in the wall. The fan is powered by a solar panel placed next to the heat absorbing unit. A regulator will be installed on the wall indoors to regulate the fan speed.
SOLVENTILAR offers a complete product containing:

  • Solar panel, wall mounts and cable included
  • Heat absorbing unit, pipes, wall mounts and louvers
  • Fan regulator for wall mounting

Heat absorbing unit;
Size: 100 x 75 x 8 cm, (0,75 kvm)
Weight: 5kg
Nominal peak effect: 600 Watt
Wall mounts are included

Solar panel:
Size: 47x 34,5 x 2,5 cm
Weight: 2,2kg
Capacity: 20 watt
Wall mounts are included