Solar-powered PAX system

Pax Norte incl solar cell and battery, which means you can leave your home and turn off the power, but still have the ventilation running.

Fully automatic bathroom fan, ready to use in its basic setting. Choose from 5 pre-programmed profiles and get the option to make more settings and adjustments via the Pax app. Easy to install and use. Very quiet 17-20dB. Energy-saving, max. 4 W. Separate 12 V input that can be connected to either a solar cell or an adapter. Developed and manufactured in Sweden

The fan operates continuously with a ground flow of approximately
30m³ / h. In the event of a light change, when a light comes on or when shadow changes occur when someone moves in the room, the flow increases to about 60m³ / h. If moisture rises quickly at e.g. a shower the fan rises to about 95m³ / h. When the moisture is vented, the fan returns to the ground flow approximately 30m³ / h.

High-efficiency poly solar cell that, even during cloudy days, is capable of operating the PAX fan and charging the battery, as the fan only requires 4W and the solar panel is at full 20W. This will be cost effective when using 12V. Of course, you can also operate the fan on 220V, or with a 12V adapter.

Price €339, installation cost not included.